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Happy Friday!

I will be honest, I struggled, as I mentioned last week with the idea of writing a blog. As the week went on, I have become more and more excited and my mind has been racing with ideas. I have received so much positive feedback and encouragement…how can I not be excited!?

Lots of women love to tell the stories of their births and most people LOVE hearing a good birth story. I realized the other day that I don’t get to tell mine much anymore and since my first baby is just days away from turning 16, I’m going to start with my birth story.

Its not ready yet though. Isaacs story is complicated and beautiful and involves the story of my struggles with infertility. Im taking my time writing it all out for you. I promise…its coming soon. For now, I’m going to leave you with this quippy little number written by my very best friend Deana Thayer. Deana is a Doula, Birth Assistant, Infant Sleep Specialist and CFO of All Things Birth and Baby. She’s pretty impressive. ENJOY!

First Things First

You peed on the stick. You waited. You saw two lines. And then it happened. You had literally ALL. THE. FEELINGS. Sheer terror followed by excitement. Joy quickly eclipsed by trying to calculate when you had that margarita at Sharon’s housewarming party. Sentimentality while picturing how to tell your spouse. Advance irritation with all the stares, belly pats and questions you’ll be fielding. Did I mention all the feelings?

How do you wade through those emotions to determine what’s really important? The short answer is you don’t. You determine what’s really important and start doing it while all those emotions just marinate. Fun, right? Trust me, it’s a fantastic foundation for a few months down the road when you’re bawling during a salad dressing commercial.

So, let me just help you out a bit and tell you a few things you should do ASAP.

First, choose a care provider. This will be somewhat determined by where you envision giving birth, as obstetricians generally don’t do home births, if you know what I mean. But interview several practitioners to find the right fit, and don’t be shy about switching providers if things don’t feel right after a few prenatal visits. This decision shapes a lot of your remaining pregnancy journey, so give it the time it deserves. (And if you’re in the Phoenix area and interested in homebirth, you can even check out the very website where you’re reading this blog! As a person who has worked alongside Jetta and had her support at my own homebirth, I can’t say enough fantastic things about her. Do yourself a favor and interview her. Seriously.)

Secondly, give some thought to nutrition and exercise. If you’re already doing well here, great; keep up the good work! But if not, what better reason that growing a human to finally ditch the late-night nachos and daily soda habit? Add in some all-important protein, iron and a good prenatal vitamin, and you’ll be set. It’s not rocket surgery…promise. If exercise is new for you, start with walking 20-30 minutes a few times a week. It will be great practice for all the walking to and from the bathroom when your new house guest decides to hang out on your bladder.

Finally, enjoy this opportunity to freak out some important people in your life. Think of some cool ways to share your news that will be memorable…for you. Balloons and card for your partner with the pregnancy test inside? Lovely. A literal bun baking in your oven when your parents come to dinner? Sure. A box that shoots confetti to startle your nephew? Fantastic. Giant inflatable baby that falls out of the closet and makes Aunt Pam wet herself? More power to you. This is your moment. Embrace it.

Before you’re embracing the porcelain throne next week….

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