Why Homebirth

  • Better outcomes with no unnecessary intervention
  • Education is provided to help prevent avoidable complicationsIMG_5211
  • Pregnancy is treated as a normal healthy part of life
  • Women have the freedom to make choices about what is happening to them and their babies
  • A more personal relationship with the midwife helps ensure that your midwife has a sound knowledge of your history and needs (continuity of care)
  • Freedom to experience the spiritual and emotional aspects of your birth with people you know instead of strangers
  • Greater rate of satisfaction for everyone involved
  • Family is allowed to actively participate during all stages of homebirth
  • Babies are not separated from their mothers
  • About 3-5% C-Section rate compared to the national average of 30%
  • Relaxed, peaceful environment
  • Economical

Midwives are trained to recognize and handle complications should they occur.  Should a problem arise the midwife consults with a physician who is on call. If necessary, the woman and/or baby can be transported to a local hospital. However, only about five percent (5%) of first time low risk mothers will need hospital attention, while the other ninety-five percent (95%) will birth successfully at home.  Ninety-nine percent (99%) of low risk mothers who have birthed vaginally before will birth successfully at home.

Jetta's Midwifery Services

What is Included?

*Office Visits

*1 In Home Prenatal at 34 weeks

*Birth & In Home Postpartum Visits

All Packages Include:

*Complete Prenatal services *Prenatal counseling *Personalized birth planning *Family centered services *Childbirth education *Labor Support *Lab Services *Waterbirth at home *Additional routine midwifery services *Postpartum visits *Breastfeeding Support *Neonatal Resuscitation Cert. *Healthcare CPR Cert.