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Its funny that I’m here again. Blogging. I never really thought I would blog again. After the success of my weight loss blog www.rediscoveringjetta.blogspot.com – which ultimately concluded when my weight loss journey led to miraculous conception and birth of my 3rd kiddo – I truly felt like I had nothing more to say.

But, here I am and I have some stuff to say. I have some friends who have some stuff to say and I really believe, with all my heart that what will be shared over the undetermined lifespan of this blog, can help. I think it can help in BIG ways.

Do I think I can save the world? Nope.

I do, however, think we can change the world. I think the way to impact the world in BIG ways, is to love on families. I believe that if we love on families in the very earliest days – then we have the best chance to impact them; all of them. Dads, babies, MOMS… and then together we can change the world.

My job as a Home Birth Midwife gives me an exceptionally unique opportunity at intimacy with these families. I have a glimpse into the psyche of a new mom and I have the opportunity to love her through the journey of becoming a mom.

I believe that journey matters. ALOT. I believe that journey lays a foundation for her family, for her children and then their impact on our world. I think its critical to take it seriously, and I think its critical to LOVE BIG.

I have many ideas about my new blog. I hope to offer a wide variety of information regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenting. I have a bunch of fantastic people who are excited to guest blog and share their wealth of information and I certainly have a few soap boxes I plan to stand on. I will open up my Facebook page to topic ideas and suggestions from time to time, so be on the lookout!


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2 thoughts on “Testing…Testing…

  1. Jen M says:

    Yeah! You have so much knowledge to share, and you have a great network of people to bring in their expertise and unique experiences. This will be fun to read, and so great to have a place for real info! Can’t wait!

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